Activities Summer 2021  
The starting points for 2022’s IS4CE conference, (Spring 2022 ) are collaboration, inclusiveness and systems thinking in an emerging era of circular economy. We hereby invite you to join us on a collaborative journey towards the 2nd Conference of the IS4CE and beyond.

The circular economy, although variously interpreted, is undoubtedly centred on systemic relationships: it could not be otherwise in systems where feedback dominates. Taking a cue from systems means designing eco-effective and not just eco-efficient approaches. It means working at different scales towards socio-technical transformation which meets the aspirations of sustainable well-being.

To energise the journey, we will organize a series of workshops and seminars. The ambition within this programme is to support you in developing ideas and knowledge and stimulate co-creation with actors that bring in additional value – or indeed values – to your original ideas. Our overall aim is increased collaboration and to generate more system wide solutions and create rich avenues for research. 

Circular Economy Workshops

Important IS4CE dates and events 

Workshop 1 What are the current and upcoming circular economy related needs?

Part 1 – 17th MAY 16:00-17:00 (CEST) 
Join either or both parts. The focus in Part 1 will be on identifying circular economy related needs. This is a consultation workshop for full IS4CE members. Zoom Link in members area, just log in. The questions: does the conference strapline reflect the needs and aspirations of researchers and others when thinking about future directions? If not what is missing or preferable? Short introduction from special guest Walter Stahel, then breakout groups followed by distillation of responses (to be published on the website). Join us to help shape the development of the conference in tune with the membership. May 18th The W Stahel presentation available in Members area (all categories of membership)

Workshop 2 What are the current and upcoming circular economy related needs?

Part 2 – 31st MAY 15:00-16:15 (CEST)* 
A follow up workshop. It is possible to join this workshop without having been involved in Part 1 and affiliate members are now welcome. The second workshop looks in more detail at the question of an 'inclusive' circular economy and how that might be addressed in the coming conference. To lead this workshop off we have Alysia Garmulewicz from Materiom who want to put useful materials in the hands of everyone Alysia is also an IS4CE Board member and Katie Motta from US based Shiftcircular who makes the case for a fourth principle of a circular economy to extend a systemic approach. After these individual inputs there is a breakout rooms session to discuss and feedback. Ken Webster will also present some key strands aggregated from feedback in Workshop 1 (*the original agenda for Workshop 2 carries into June 14th)

Workshop 3 What are the current and upcoming circular economy related needs?  Perspectives from Commerce and Industry

Part 1 – 14th JUNE 15:00-17:00 (CEST) -

The second workshop pairing invites all interested parties, e.g. large, medium and small sized companies, municipalities, NGO’s, industry organizations, researchers, etc. The goal is to start up a dialogue and identify the immediate and practical needs but starting this time from the perspective of business and enterprise. There will be four short inputs from businesses or organisations working in a circular economy environment of one kind or another and adequate time to discuss in smaller groups.

Inputs from

Pablo van den Bosch from Madaster Services, the Dutch database of materials available in existing buildings/infrastructure

Prof Stefano Pascucci; working with SMEs in regenerative agriculture/food and farming in South West UK

Sebastian Holström from INREGO the Swedish laptop and computer refurbishers and resellers

Claudio Zara Bocconi University, Italy. The changing face of investment and its needs from a CE perspective

We have finance, data, food/farming and manufacturing. Break out groups will allow members to select their area of expertise/interest

31st August  (16.00 - 17.15 CEST) Late Summer reflections 
All is not quiet in the circular economy landscape! Christoph Hinske (managing editor) and Harry Lehmann (instigator) invite us to explore why the 5th Factor X book is called The Impossibilities of the Circular Economy - Lessons from the hunt to square the circle! And if not Impossibilities, then how about Limits.
The central claim: "The Circular Economy is here to stay, and that is very good! Let's build its foundation by integrating socio-economic and cultural aspirations with biological and physical laws, thus, avoiding its breakdown in the future!"
Discussion of recent critiques offered by the authors of a Harvard Business Review piece called The Limits of the "Sustainable" Economy
This session is based around your active participation, and we invite you to enter the mindset of explorers. We will meet via Zoom with formal inputs kept to a minimum. Ken Webster, Christoph Hinske and Harry Lehmann co-host the session.


Building the Network - Call for Volunteers 

IS4CE is establishing working groups to further activity within a number of key arenas. If members wish to put themselves forward to help shape and deliver IS4CE programmes please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before April 30 th. The key working groups at this stage are:

  Conferences and Events
•  Social Media and Communications
  Membership Support and Adminstration (Secretariat) including Technical support for website
  Ideation/ Special Interest Groups
  Knowledge sharing/Education and Training 

The expectation will be that working groups will be action orientated and limited to approximately 6 members for ease of working. 
A special someone is invited to manage the networking and liaison between administration and working groups and the temporary board.

Ken Webster Director of the IS4CE (2020-21)

Special Issue of Circular Economy and Sustainability.

Special Issue of Circular Economy and Sustainability.

Check the Journal website for updates. Online and open access items are available now


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Circular Economy Events for Academics & Researchers