14 July 2020

A big thank you to the contributors and participants of IS4CE2020.

Upcoming will be the following:

  • archived keynote sessions within the resources area (mid to late July)
  • the opening of recommendations or suggestions for webinars based on submitted material that would work well in a long format (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject ‘Webinar’)
  • the preparations for publishing the Proceedings will soon begin in earnest

In the immediate future, members will receive a very short feedback questionnaire about this year’s conference. Please look out for it as it really helps to design the next event.

Ken Webster Director of the IS4CE (2020)

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IS4CE Latest News

The future direction of study about the circular economy. What should the Society do?

The future direction of study about the circular economy. What should the Society do?

A personal reflection from Walter Stahel. Honorary President of IS4CE (2020)
A truly International Society for Circular Economy will have a global research-led agenda and be able to integrate different cultural CE focuses. For instance, some regions emphasize resource efficiency and social solidarity, whereas the People’s Republic of China gives priority to economic competitiveness in remanufacturing. Singapore excels in a closed loop of water resources, turning waste water into NEWater of a quality fit for the drinking water system.

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Journal for the Circular Economy and Sustainability

The Circular Economy and Sustainability journal aims to bring a new approach of the key concepts of circular economy and sustainability, by combining the scientific disciplines of economy, management, engineering, technology, environment, and society. As circular economy is necessary today to promote the goals of sustainable development, these scientific areas are not independent to each other, but their relations, interactions and synergies exist and should be further developed and studied.

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Important Dates

Important Dates

Coming Soon!
Please keep checking back as we will be uploading the Open Sessions from the conference soon for Affiliate and Full Members.



Conference Topics

Complexity science [non-linear systems theory];
Design of products, components, materials and systems;
Industrial ecology;
Business management, business models, especially operations;
Materials science;
Information technology/data;
Finance for circular economy;
Psychology, consumer choices;
Law, especially around use vs ownership;
Climate change and the circular economy;
Policy and the circular economy


We have some great subjects being covered in this years conference which we will share with you in the coming months.

Some of the Keynotes we have already include Walter Stahel (welcome address), Tima Bansal, Martin Stuchtey and the successful CE startup Biohm. Your host for the conference will be Ken Webster (currently our Acting Chair for the Society). See above"Meet some of Our Keynotes" 


Going Live

The conference’s Keynotes and Panel Sessions may be streamed live and archived for IS4CE members and conference guests over both days.

Any Members who aren't online during the conference can still get involved as the footage will be available in our resource Lightbox area after the conference. If demand emerges from polling during the conference extra ‘rejoinder’ sessions will be scheduled to continue a theme.