In this strangest of all times the world turns and real opportunities emerge alongside all the disruption and a global economic recession gathering strength with every week. Amongst the opportunities has been really finding out what blended learning or online higher education might be if its done well. It is doubtful this will ever reset fully. Online meetings and tools like Zoom, Teams, Mural, Miro, Mentmeter or Padlet are pretty easy to deploy and flexible. So why not some international webinars which are interesting but focussed around young researchers and emerging ideas and perhaps picking up on feedback in whiteboard spaces or via polling. Its not as if there has to be a large audience - in fact its better if numbers are more modest if there is to be participation. These are cheap and easy to organise and IS4CE has its own Zoom account...

This autumn Katie Whalen and "Getting in the Loop" will run three Members events, one each month. The first is a webinar on the 14th October (see banner) So why not many more and with increased feedback and use of complimentary tools? Why not indeed: suggested and run by members as a way of sharing and getting feedback about research. Travel is tough so do it this way.

October 2020 sees the launch of a monthly circular economy research seminar series! Seminars will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and are co-hosted by IS4CE and Getting in the Loop podcast. Each seminar explores a theme related to circular economy, with October asking: Can consumption ever be ‘circular’? Join us on October 14. 

Featured panelists include:

  • Catriona Tassell
  • Juana Camacho Otero
  • Paul Rogers
  • Renske van den Berge

IS4CE will support these members' events through 2021 please emaill your suggestions. We can provide the platform and suggest moderators and tech support. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Your audience will be IS4CE members so its easy to get straight to the detail or bigger picture. 

Special Issue of Circular Economy and Sustainability.
Members who had conference papers accepted should contact the editor in Chief as soon as possible (deadline Oct 19th) if they would like to discuss possible inclusion of a version of their work for submission to this peer reviewed Special Issue. (see general notice below about the Journal, the special issue and contact details) Deadline for final submissions is December 27th.

The call for papers is open to those who did not present at IS4CE2020 so abstracts please (see general notice)

Conference Proceedings 
This publication is slated for release on December 8th. Members will receive free digital versions at that time but print editions can be supplied at cost via a print on demand service (details to follow)

Ken Webster Director of the IS4CE (2020)

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