About Our Society

The society is an independent international academic society run by and for it's members, with a secretariat based in the University of Exeter in the UK. It was established around a core development group in 2019/20

IS4CE is transdisclipinary exercise centred on, but not exclusive to, the potential of the digital revolution to improve our understanding of systems aimed at ‘circularity’ and its fundamental effects on the relationship between people, resources, business and enterprise. This will be especially evidenced in the design of accessible products, services and systems which contribute to an economy* that works long term. This takes in both bio-centric and techno-centric materials pathways** and associated natural, human social and financial capitals.

Key objectives:

  • continue to refine the contemporary scientific theory and evidence base of circular economy in tandem with the research-education-business nexus;
  • provide a network to connect and convene higher education globally to stimulate new research and educational initiatives;
  • share significant findings through high quality research publications, conferences and mainstream media
  • promote educational offerings to business, government, academics and other stakeholder.
Important Dates

Important Dates

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Please keep checking back as we will be uploading the Open Sessions from the conference soon for Affiliate and Full Members.