The Society would like to acknowledge and give thanks to:

IS4CE Inaugural Conference leads: Conny Bakker, Mattias Lindahl, Ken Webster.

IS4CE Conference Facilitators Group: Katie Whalen, Kinge Gardien, Emma Fromberg, Emilia Ingemarsdotter, Sonja van Dam, Mariet Sauerwein, Marianna Lena Kambanou.

Hon President (2020): Walter Stahel.

InTheLoop: Katie Whalen for supporting podcasts June 2020.

An initiative of the Exeter Centre for the Circular Economy (ECCE): University of Exeter Business School, Directors P Hopkinson, F Charnley, Director of IS4CE (2020) Ken Webster.

All Full and Affiliate members: who make the Society what it is and will become.

The Advisory group (2020): Martin Stuchtey, Fenna Blomsma, Katie Whalen, Carlos Scheel, Aldo Ometto, Amir Rashid, Alysia Garmulewicz, Belinda Wade, Ruud Balkenende, Amaresh Chakrabati, Fiona Charnley, Peter Hopkinson, Mattias Lindahl, David Peck, Conny Bakker, Nabil Nasir.

Admin and professional support: Alexa Culver, Paul Rogers 'Debs', Jo Miller, and Paul Cockman.