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Sessions marked with * are closed and only for full members.

Day 1 - Monday 6th of July

13:00-13:10   Welcome

Ken Webster, Conny Bakker and Mattias Lindahl

13.10-13:30   Welcome Address

Walter Stahel

Chairperson: Ken Webster

13.30-14:00   Keynote: What’s Stalling the Circular Economy? A Discussion of Spatiotemporal Considerations + Q&A

Tima Bansal

Chairperson: Peter Hopkinson

14.00-14:30   Keynote: Changing the Dynamics – Understanding and Creating the Systems Interventions for Fast Circular Change + Q&A

Martin Stuchtey

Chairperson: Fiona Charnley

14:30-15:00   Coffee Break and Networking

15:00-15:25   Session 1 – Business Models (1)*

Chairperson: Katherine Whalen Panel: Mécia Miguel, Pedro Carvalho, Roberta De Angelis, Sara Fallahi, Mickey Howard

15:30-15:55   Session 2 – Business Models (2) *

Chairperson: Sonja van Dam Panel: Claudio Zara, Laura Rocca, Janaina Mascarenhas, A. Tuladhar, Andrea Urbinati

16:00-16:25   Session 3 – Systemic Perspectives *

Chairperson: Emilia Ingemarsdotter Panel: Fenna Blomsma, Emma Fromberg, Andrea Cantú, Manuel Braun, Eduardo Aguiñaga

16:30-16:55   Session 4 – Enabling Technologies *

Chairperson: Kinge Gardien Panel: Emilia Ingemarsdotter, Janaina Mascarenhas, Peter Bradley, Alexandros I. Stefanakis

17:00-17:45   Workshop Biohm and Materiom

CE start-ups in the biomaterials design space. A thorough approach to circularity. Applied research.

Chairperson: Marita Sauerwein

Ehab Sayed (Biohm) Alysia Garmulewicz (Materiom)

17:45-18:00   Sum up of Day 1

Takeaways from Day 1 and programme for Day 2 outlined

Chairperson: Ken Webster

18:00-19:30 Special Session -Meet the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Team

(see Members' Area for link)This casual, networking session will be a chance to meet the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's higher education team as well as the data and analytics team. Come and find out about how your University can engage with the world's leading circular economy think tank and hear about the many resources available to support your work. We will be showcasing our new Circulytics tool and discussing how we have approached Circular Economy research challenges to date.

Day 2 - Tuesday 7th of July

11:00-11:25   Session 5 – Policy * 

Chairperson: Marianna Lena Kambanou Panel: Miguel Rodriguez, Jeff Dodick, Tatiana Elizondo, Carl Dalhammar, Yamit Naftali, Ángeles Pereira

11:30-11:55   Session 6 – Socio-economic *

Chairperson: Sonja van Dam Panel: Josep Pinyol Alberich, Sally Goerner, Hanna Salminen, L. J. Llorente-González, Susana Paixao, Belal Bani Yassin 

12:00-13:00   Lunch Break and Networking

13:00-13:25   Session 7 – Organisations and Institutions*

Chairperson: Marianna Lena Kambanou Panel: Nan-Hua Nadja Yang, Bernardo Bello, Chianu Dibia, Satheesh Pillai 

13:30-13:55   Session 8 – Consumer Behaviour *

Chairperson: Katherine Whalen Panel: Renske van den Berge, Paul Rogers, Catriona Tassell, Giovana Monteiro Gomes

14:00-14:25   Session 9 – Design *

Chairperson: Emma Fromburg Panel: Clara Amend, Conny Bakker, Talia Hussain, Katrine Hesseldahl 

14:30-15:00   Coffee Break and Networking

15:00-15:25   Session 10 – Products, Components and Materials *

Chairperson: Emilia Ingemarsdotter Panel: Jelena V. Vlajic, Sayyed Shoaib-ul-Hasan, Okechukwu Okorie, Sonja van Dam, Rob Hulmes

15:30-15:55   Session 11 – Fast Moving Consumer Goods * 

Chairperson: Emma Fromburg Panel: Matthew Anderson, Joana Kleine Jäger, Zaneta Muranko, Ángeles Pereira,  Celinda Palm, Anna Barford   

16:00-16:40   Keynote: The Swedish Engineering Industries' Strategy to Achieve a Resource Efficient and Circular Economy + Q&A

Elinor Kruse, Teknikföretagen
James Lundström, Volvo Car

Chairperson: Mattias Lindahl

16.40-17:10   Keynote: Circular Economy needs a Systems Perspective + Q&A

Anders Wijkman

Chairperson: Conny Bakker

17.10-18:00   Panel Discussion on Presented Papers + Q&A

Chairperson: Walter Stahel Panel: chairpersons from discussion sessions above

18:00-18:20   Closing Ceremony

Takeaways from Day 2, members' favourite video/audio plus presentation of next events. Membership next steps.

Chairperson: Ken Webster


Important Dates

Important Dates

Circular Economy and Sustainability Special Issue Call for Papers for presenters at the Inaugural Conference of the IS4CE.
Presenters should contact: Alexandros Stefanakis (click here), School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece & Editor-in-Chief, Circular Economy and Sustainability or IS4CE here

Full paper submission: December 27, 2020
Submissions welcome, in addition, from all researchers (deadline for abstracts Oct 17th)
All papers will be subject to peer review

About the journal Circular Economy and Sustainability (CIES) is a new journal aiming to bring a new approach of the key concepts of circular economy and sustainability, by combining the scientific disciplines of economy, management, engineering, technology, environment, and society, and investigating the relations, interactions and synergies that should be further developed among them. As circular economy is necessary today to promote the goals of sustainable development, these scientific areas are not independent to each other, but their relations, interactions and synergies exist and should be further developed and studied. Interdisciplinary approaches and multiple connections between these scientific areas are required not only to reach the sustainability goals but also to solve diverse environmental problems, expand technological limits and overcome potential economic disturbances.

This approach is expressed with new policies (command and control, market-based instruments, and circular public procurement), technological suggestions (e.g. technical cycle solutions), environmental engineering technologies (e.g., waste management, 3R strategies, water recycle, wastewater treatment and reuse, renewable energy), circular business models, circular innovations, circular management solutions, consumers’ behaviour in circular economy, new circular economy products labels and social acceptance in circular economy.

These topics could be classified in three levels; the micro-level (firm-level engineering and managerial level), meso-level (industrial ecology, industrial symbiosis, ecoclusters, eco-industrial parks), and macro-level (general policies, plans, green and sustainable entrepreneurship).

All content in the journal will in 2021 and 2022 be freely accessible to everyone.