IS4CE2020 Practical Information for Participants

Keynote sessions will be open to all, including affiliated and full members. These will be live as far as possible. These sessions will include Q&A . It will also be possible to submit questions to the presenter via the internet pre-session.

Conference Papers: All conference paper summary presentations are pre-recorded and will be freely available to affiliated and full members online two days before the conference and will be accompanied by additional 4-5-line ‘teaser’ notes. However, all Q and A on a particular theme (see programme) will be in live sessions but limited to smaller groups and full members to encourage participation. For closed sessions please check for Zoom link you need  for [1] the sessions you are interested in. Please view the session’s presentations. It will be a moderated discussion. Full members can access all conference papers via from July 2nd.

The live events will be recorded and published on the IS4CE website after the conference. Closed sessions will not, to encourage free flowing debate. Members will have exclusive access to the pre recorded presentations and the conference event as soon as they are made available. One month following we may make some or all of these available to the public unless otherwise directed by Members.

Practical Information for Speakers/Presenters

Keynote sessions will be assumed to be live. Keynote speakers should prepare a maximum 20 min presentation (or submit same if a pre-recorded session has been agreed). The remaining 10 min segment will be a live Q&A.

Papers: All summary presentations are to be pre-recorded, and all presenters should submit a maximum 10 minutes long video, narrated PowerPoint or audio podcast which illuminates the main themes and conclusions of the paper. Please Contact us if you have any accessibility issues that need addressing.

The 1st of July at 17:00 is the deadline for paper presenters to submit their pre-recorded presentation, which will then be available to Members on the website.

We are using a Zoom platform courtesy of Linköping University, Sweden. 

A Guide for Full Members of IS4CE - Creating and editing your video/presentation 
There are many tools you can use to record your presentation, including using your mobile device, but our advice is to use a laptop or desktop computer and Zoom.
Zoom handles all the parameters we need for quality playback in our system, just by using the default setting supplied with your Zoom account.
Please record your presentation using Zoom as you would in a meeting making sure you have a neutral background (eg. no advertising, political or ‘sensitive’ images – see Terms and Conditions of Membership!)
Make sure your lighting is good and that your audio is as clear as you can make it and any narration unhurried. Please bear in mind, particularly when presenting full screen PowerPoints or images, that the IS4CE logo will be overprinted bottom right of the video (see example video already uploaded), so please try to keep this area clear of all important content and information. The following is a very brief checklist list of how to go about recording a Zoom presentation/’meeting’ to a local drive. Please visit Zoom’s Website for more information if you are starting from scratch and are unfamiliar with using Zoom or similar:

1.     Create a new Zoom meeting and then go to your Account profile top right of the Zoom screen
2.     Choose Settings. Look through the listed options in Settings and choose Recording.
3.     Under Local Recording choose a storage location.  This will be a folder on your computer
4.     When ready, select option ‘Record Video’ then exit Settings
5.     Go back to your Zoom meeting
6.     Press Record when you are ready; screen sharing slides or recording video in the normal way..
7.     and then choose Stop Recording after the session
8.     Exit by choosing ‘End meeting’.
9.     A dialogue box will then appear. Wait for the Recording file to be generated and deposited in your selected folder.
10.  This Mp4 file is what you will upload in the IS4CE Members area

Once you are happy with your presentation, please use the "My Videos" link on the Member's Menu to ‘Add New Video’. Then, once you are in the form:

  1. Give the ‘Title’ of your presentation
  2. Under ‘Select Category’ choose ‘Conference Presentation
  3. For both ‘Video’ and ‘Preview Image’ radio buttons, make sure ‘Upload File’ is selected. ‘Preview Image’ (640 × 360px 72dpi) is any image you feel best represents your paper (you can use a screenshot/screenprint of a point in your video then crop it to the size above). This image will be shown in the video listing available to Members once you have uploaded
  4. In ‘Description’, put a short line ‘teaser’ here about what the Presentation is about. This is for use in the Presentations Listing, your Abstract from your submitted paper will be used for the fuller version.
  5. In ‘Meta Keywords’ enter some search words or short terms (no more than 8 please) that Members, who would be interested in your presentation, would likely use to find it, using a comma between each word or term g. “circular economy, material science, data”
  6. Meta Description’ can be either a fuller version of the Title or ‘Description’/Teaser
  7. When finished, make sure you click the ‘Save Video’ button at the bottom then leave the page open until it confirms it has been saved

See Below screenshots:





You can edit or delete the image, title and description at any point and, if necessary, delete and re-upload the video itself at any time but it's important to remember that once you save your video presentation, it will be immediately available for other full IS4CE Members to see. This will also be available to the public on our website at a much later date, unless you request us to remove it or remove it yourself before then.
For audio only recordings, we prefer the formats which give better quality: M4A(AAC 64kbps), but MP3 (96kbps) is also perfectly fine. Upload these to the ‘Conference Podcasts’ folder in the 'Shared Files' area, in the Member’s Area of the website.
The end product for upload should be either an MP4, M4A(ACC) or an Mp3. The Preview Image for your presentation should be a PNG or JPEG with a size of 640 × 360px at 72dpi.
Other Methods
For other methods you will need to make sure that the final file is optimised for on-screen playback with the following settings: Video dimensions should be 640 × 360nHD, with a Codec: H.264 – we are using here the aspect ratio of 16:9 format.

Please contact admin if you need more help with this via the contact form on this website,

[1] Online limited session booking will be available from July 1st 12.00 noon CET.