In cooperation with the University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon, UK (*Now fully digital)
6 - 7 July 2020

The Organising Committee of the International Society for Circular Economy (IS4CE)
 invites you to attend the inaugural International Online Conference on Circular Economy, to be held in cooperation with the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECCE), University of Exeter, Exeter, UK from 6 to 7 July 2020.

The purpose of IS4CE is to synthesise and evolve the intellectual frameworks, knowledge, evidence and experience base to underpin a shift from a linear, extractive economy to a circular, regenerative and restorative economy.

At IS4CE2020, we have research contributions from academics, practitioners, civil society and policy makers, working in the field of circular economy.

[Update] As the conference is now fully digital it will consist of a mix of session formats. Only the interactive breakout sessions around the presentation of conference papers and discussion will be constrained in terms of numbers and to full members only. Only full members will be able to access conference archives and proceedings. Please Register below.

Meet Some of IS4CE2020 Speakers

Tima Bansal

Tima Bansal

Professor of Strategy

Director of the Centre for Building Sustainable Value at the Ivey Business School, Ontario

Martin Stuchtey

Martin Stuchtey

Founder of SystemIQ

Professor of Resource Strategies and Management at the University of Innsbruck and Co-founder of SYSTEMIQ.Ltd

Ehab Sayed

Ehab Sayed

Founder of Biohm

Founder of Biohm ‘the future of home’. Circular economy innovation in construction, taking their lessons from Nature.


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Important Dates

Important Dates

Update for Successful Abstract Submissions (March 27th)
All submissions have had a response. As a result of COVID-19 a fully digital conference and we will now use accessible breakout groups under Zoom to present papers and generate interaction and comment. Conference papers will still be published in a proceedings.

11th April - 26th May 2020
Submission period for papers via this website for IS4CE-2020 Conference. This is a final call! Please contact us if you are struggling to meet the deadline. Also, when activating your account, if you do not receive the automatic activation email, please be sure to check your email spam folder. This is the usual culprit for automatic emails not getting through. If our emails are being forwarded to your spam, please mark them 'not as spam' to ensure our future emails reach you. Many thanks.

6-7th July 2020
The International Society for the Circular Economy Conference 2020 (IS4CE2020)



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Conference Topics

Complexity science [non-linear systems theory];
Design of products, components, materials and systems;
Industrial ecology;
Business management, business models, especially operations;
Materials science;
Information technology/data;
Finance for circular economy;
Psychology, consumer choices;
Law, especially around use vs ownership;
Climate change and the circular economy;
Policy and the circular economy


We have some great subjects being covered in this years conference which we will share with you in the coming months.

Some of the Keynotes we have already include Walter Stahel (welcome address), Tima Bansal, Martin Stuchtey and the successful CE startup Biohm. Your host for the conference will be Ken Webster (currently our Acting Chair for the Society). See above"Meet some of Our Keynotes" 


Going Live

The conference’s Keynotes and Panel Sessions may be streamed live and archived for IS4CE members and conference guests over both days.

Any Members who aren't online during the conference can still get involved as the footage will be available in our resource Lightbox area after the conference. If demand emerges from polling during the conference extra ‘rejoinder’ sessions will be scheduled to continue a theme.