6 - 7 July 2020

Welcome to the IS4CE. This front page is now devoted to the conference. Check Conference Programme tab for detailed information. We used the challenge of COVID-19 to rethink some of the opportunities for interaction at a conference and also about how to mix the more specialist with the broader interest – and keeping the dangers of self-plagiarism to a minimum! It has meant more work for contributors and you responded with energy.

What is available? Open sessions connect via these YouTube links (from 6th at 13.00 CEST) There are three live sessions.

Why not send a question for the Keynote presenters? Go to www.menti.com and enter the code (see below) and then your question!

First live session

  • 6th of July - 13:00-14:30 - Live Link 6th July 13.00-14.30
  • If you have a question for Tima Bansal use www.menti.com - Enter code 36 70 77
  • If you have a question for Martin Stuchtey www.menti.com - Enter code 28 80 09

Second live session

  • 6th of July - 17:00-18:00 - Live Link 6th July 17.00-18.00
  • If you have a question for Biohm and Materiom www.menti.com -Enter code  98 85 22 Ehab Sayed - Alysia Garmulewicz

Third live session

  • 7th of July - 16:00-18:20 - Live Link 7th July 16.00-18.20
  • If you have a question for Elinor Kruse - James Lundström www.menti.com - Enter code 81 18 49
  • If you have a question for Anders Wijkman www.menti.com –Enter code  81 17 23
  • (Panel) Ch: Walter Stahel www.menti.com – Enter code 82 92 61

Ellen MacArthur Special Session  July 6th 18.00 (see programme for access details) 

If you are a full member, log in and you will find under Conference Schedule the Zoom invites for all the separate closed sessions. Choose the ones which appeal. The Ellen MacArthur Special Session link is there too.

You can read the full papers, leave feedback or commentary and see the Intro videos/audio presentations: all from July 2nd. The closed conference sessions around 11 themes will be places to discuss with a small group of contributors their various ideas and research. After the conference a short series of webinar opportunities will be offered on the IS4CE Zoom account to give time and space to extended or 'long format' presentations.

Affiliate members can access the 50+ intro videos/audio files, the papers’ abstracts, the Ellen MacArthur Special Session, leave comments and attend the open sessions but not join the closed sessions. Again log in to the members area to access the material. Conference Presentations Log In Required

If you are a potential contributor to a closed session as author of a paper you will be invited directly by the session chairperson and your name will be included in the programme if you accept. 

A key theme for this event has been systems, systemic opportunities and challenges. This is very fitting for a world in need of a creative and fundamentally changed economic approach. And one which honours Leonardo da Vinci’s insight that “all our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.”  We are pleased to announce that a new Journal Circular Economy and Sustainability will be working with us on a special issue using contributions from the conference. Conference proceedings will be published by IS4CE (with permission of the authors) in the Autumn. 

Ken Webster Director of the IS4CE (2020)

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IS4CE Latest News

The future direction of study about the circular economy. What should the Society do?

The future direction of study about the circular economy. What should the Society do?

A personal reflection from Walter Stahel. Honorary President of IS4CE (2020)
A truly International Society for Circular Economy will have a global research-led agenda and be able to integrate different cultural CE focuses. For instance, some regions emphasize resource efficiency and social solidarity, whereas the People’s Republic of China gives priority to economic competitiveness in remanufacturing. Singapore excels in a closed loop of water resources, turning waste water into NEWater of a quality fit for the drinking water system.

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Journal for the Circular Economy and Sustainability

The Circular Economy and Sustainability journal aims to bring a new approach of the key concepts of circular economy and sustainability, by combining the scientific disciplines of economy, management, engineering, technology, environment, and society. As circular economy is necessary today to promote the goals of sustainable development, these scientific areas are not independent to each other, but their relations, interactions and synergies exist and should be further developed and studied.

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Important Dates

Important Dates

Important Update.
Please keep checking this website regularly for any updates on the conference

6-7th July 2020

The International Society for the Circular Economy Conference 2020is on NOW!



Conference Topics

Complexity science [non-linear systems theory];
Design of products, components, materials and systems;
Industrial ecology;
Business management, business models, especially operations;
Materials science;
Information technology/data;
Finance for circular economy;
Psychology, consumer choices;
Law, especially around use vs ownership;
Climate change and the circular economy;
Policy and the circular economy


We have some great subjects being covered in this years conference which we will share with you in the coming months.

Some of the Keynotes we have already include Walter Stahel (welcome address), Tima Bansal, Martin Stuchtey and the successful CE startup Biohm. Your host for the conference will be Ken Webster (currently our Acting Chair for the Society). See above"Meet some of Our Keynotes" 


Going Live

The conference’s Keynotes and Panel Sessions may be streamed live and archived for IS4CE members and conference guests over both days.

Any Members who aren't online during the conference can still get involved as the footage will be available in our resource Lightbox area after the conference. If demand emerges from polling during the conference extra ‘rejoinder’ sessions will be scheduled to continue a theme.